About Us



We love love love guitars. We grew up listening to guitar-driven music, spending hours learning our favorite songs, and playing in bands. Hoping to grow the popularity of the guitar in our culture and country, we started brainstorming how we can connect with the next generation of musicians and build a community of guitarists. The answer was simple - building a digital-era guitar brand that delivers quality instruments at affordable prices. All done with style and craftsmanship in mind.

After three years of researching, testing, and drinking countless cups of iced coffee from Starbucks , we are thrilled to introduce our first collection of guitars to you. We are a small team, but we have big dreams. Thank you for joining our journey.

Setting the bar high.
Finding your perfect guitar isn't easy, but every guitar should be easy to play. Loaded with the finest strings, all our guitars are set up by our team in order to give the best "out of the box" experience to our fellow guitarists. Our obsession with quality, tone, and playability challenged us to develop our first collection with extra attention to detail.